Interview with Gutier aka Interruptor Part 3


This is Part 3 of the Interview with Gutier that I did on behalf of the german and polish community.

Many thanks again to „Alkasyn“ to provide me with the questions and of course to Gutier to answer them all!

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How do you view the development of the 300 points list? What’s your average amount of models on the table for 300 points?

Fernando, the Ariadna playtester; he played with more models usually. Most of us played with 10, well, twelve models. We started with Shoot ‘em up missions. When we introduced new missions, the meta of the game changed, too. More orders means you can achieve more during your turn. We noticed that people got a little bored of playing regular ITS missions with specialists. That’s why we introduced mission such as Firefight, missions that put more emphasis on shooting and not on spamming buttons. We hope to reduce the average model count per list this way.

What do you think of playing with Chess clocks? How do you punish a player going over his allotted time?

Well, we don’t like to provide directives to organizers. Different metas are different. Considering that Infinity is being played worldwide, we try not to give set directives for each set of problems that the TO can find themselves facing. We give the organizer the freedom to solve the problem his way. You have to punish the cheating/stalling player in some way, but the way of punishing him is left to the TO. The point of the game is collaborating to have fun together. Remember that the TO has spent a lot of time to provide a fun time for you, the player. Also remember that Infinity is a gentleman’s game. Maybe if the organizer is making a bad decision, you actually forced him into a situation when he has to make that lose-lose decision. We’re certain that the TO will make a good call in 70% of situations. Were afraid that if we provided set guidelines, they’d do more harm than good.

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Will Campaign: Paradiso be remade for N3?

We want to focus on Paradiso, trying to fix some parts of it. We will go back and check all the scenarios, making them easier to play. We don’t want them to comfort to ITS, it’s a different type of scenarios. We have, however, learned a lot about how tournaments and campaigns are played since the release of Paradiso, and I think we can upgrade that book reflecting that. Also, because we add the Flamaestrike information to it, together with new sectorials, I think it will be a new and attractive book, even or people who already own the old Campaign: Paradiso.

What does the future hold for the conflict between Human Sphere and the Combined Army? Please don’t make an “Age of Achilles”, where the settings resets.

Well, we were talking about different ages of Infinity, but when we started thinking about it, thinking about products we’d have to release etc, we realized it would be problematic for us to do and support so many different settings.

Will we see any Infinity novels? Story books?

It would be very hard. I had a crazy year, trying to keep hold of all the information published in the manga, in the RPG and in our release of HSN3. We’re not publishers. We do not have the resources to publish a book by ourselves. There was a guy who sent me his stories set in the Infinity world. I liked them, but the problem was that we were not able to publish something like that alone, we would need a partner to help us with that. With the Manga it’s a little different, however, as we have some knowledge of the comic book market and we’re operating very close with the creators.

Regarding the internet – could we see what is coming up next on the catalogue, maybe?

It’s a business decision, but on a couple of levels. If we provide people with a release schedule and then we have to change it at the last minute, people will be disappointed. We want to avoid that.

Dicetower von Customeeple

Would there be a way to order faction dice separately?

Unfortunately, we don’t produce them ourselves and we cannot provide them to our players. Yet. We are currently looking for a new company to produce the faction dice for us as we had schedule problems with the company we used before.

A question about the patches – can people buy previously limited patches, maybe?

We are thinking of giving this option to Warcors.

Is Carlotta Kowalsky looking at a revamp?

Not at the moment, Bakunin is the focus Sectorial for the Nomads now. Same with Morans – they’ll probably remain the same for a while.

What about Merovingia?

Unfortunately, the company is only slowly beginning to find a new role/niche for the army. Right now, the sectorial is functional but difficult to play with and probably not too much fun. Corvus Belli stopped releasing units for the French and they have a very brief army list. Instead of just filling in the gaps of the Sectorial right now, the designers think that finding a new role for the MRRF within Ariadna itself will make the players happy. It is still far away though. USARF is similar to the French Rapid Response, but “heavier” in nature. Both groups are part of the Ariadnan Rapid Response.

Have you tested rules for vehicles?

Many years ago we tested some vehicle rules, they worked kind-of-fine, but we weren’t satisfied with them. We feel that vehicles do not fit in a skirmish game. TAGs are as close to vehicles in the game as we will get. Vehicles are really bulky, and they would take a lot of space on the table, I doubt even the people who would want them would play with them very often.

Is Impetuous considered balanced now or will there be more changes to it?

Impetuous works fine, we are not receiving a lot of negative feedback about that rule. We always consider modifying rules that people think are convoluted or wrong. We like infinity to be a living game, where rules evolve, but we don’t want to annoy our players with rules changing too much, too quickly, so they would have to re-learn the rules after every new book. We also have to avoid caving in to the vocal minority, that is, we have to carefully monitor the incoming feedback that we are receiving from various sources (playtesters, players, forums,).


Will you be coming back to more dynamic models pose-wise?

Some troopers are highly dynamic already! It’s down to the sculptor finding a pose that he feels comfortable working with, but also a pose that radiates character of the model. We’re trying to create charismatic models, that’s why Carlos Torres works together with Fausto, one of the sculptors. The pose is decided between the both of them and each sculptor as his own preference for certain poses.

The female bandit is sculpted by a new person, isn’t she?

Yes, we need to have a wider portfolio of sculptors, as we need to have a suitable replacement for our artists in case one of them falls ill or wants to take a holiday. We need time to get to know the new sculptor, to work out the kinks of our relationship and to truly make him art of the team. That’s what we are doing right now.